Evolution is a painting inspired by the event of the Big Bang.

This painting features the event of the Big Bang, followed by Nucleosynthesis, and the eventual cooling and development of complex bodies within the universe (stars, planets, galaxies, intelligent life, etc).

Intelligent life “maps” spring from a galaxy and fixes on the far reaches of its arms. These “Maps” appear as Biomarkers with distinct sulci and gyri circuits. Remnants of past civilizations can be seen as incomplete “maps” throughout the piece.

The honeycomb figure (off-center, right) represents the James Webb Space Telescope and the new age of space exploration.


Big Bang!– Universe cooled.

Electrons waltzing Protons

Bore Hydrogen, Helium & trace lithium.

Photons stretched — the Stars

Made the rest.

This painting is a reminder that exploration is key to discovery, and survival.

Created 2017 over a period of 7 days. Free-hand, Acrylic & Pebo on Canvas.


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  • Jacob says:

    Your work is inspiring to follow, and your library is full of things I would enjoy reading myself! I’m looking forward to seeing the progress you may bring to the table.

  • Neal says:

    Lisa!!! You are so dynamically vibrant! This is wonderful…all of this! I love it!

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