Questions reveal the habits of Man.

The Thinker created by Auguste Rodin

Our breath falls upon the glittering skies for answers to the blackness

— we near towards nowhere, as the moon sings the age of night. 

 Lisa Marie Persaud

Questions are important and essential to navigating consciousness. We humans are on a quest for answers, but the best of them are hardly satisfying in nature. More important than receiving the answers, is the ability to change one’s mind when the result is something other than percieved— it requires honesty and humility to accept the fact that we humans, have little figured out. The courage to question in the awakening of any answer is paramount to our understanding of reality.

Questions are pathways to introspection. It is crucial that every question be inspected for its validity to truly understand the underlying processes of the psyche. Questioning is the key to an understanding— and although the culmination of an answer may not arise by darkening skies– the process reveals that great intricacies lie in cognition. The art of questioning, reveals the occupation of the mind, and exposes the neural networks which carry an idea to light.

To better understand the nature of questions and how they help to navigate consciousness, let us liken the mind to the Google search engine– we arrive at a set of links based on an inquiry– the links differ as we proceed through the information generated by the search– we are now building a network of data by inquiring more and more into the details revealed through a selected link. This network of data calls for even more questions, and choosing the most appropriate of the new questions is key to delivering a final destination. One might say “surfing the net” reveals how the mind works. It is very easy to get lost navigating consciousness– learning to weed through data relies on the quality of one’s questions.

The ways in which we humans arrive at an understanding of the universe, and our place in it, is in the quality of our questions. The behavior of gravity, light and magnetism, were not discovered merely by observing, but by questioning the nature of the observations themselves. It is only then, that the necessary tools for astronomy could arise.

Within every question lies a behavioral pattern– a language, describing the human being’s state of mind. Plenty can be learned from asking: “why this question?”.

Questioning helps human beings to excavate reality– it moves us to greater depths. Through questioning, we inch toward a greater understanding of ourselves, and the Cosmos.

The next time you are deep in thought, and riddled with questions, ask yourself, “why this question?”

Cheers to the art of questioning!

May your box of questions be of Quality, Complexity, and Diversity.